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MOQ for Tubix Glass Test Tubes

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Tubix is a trusted name that provides high-quality borosilicate glass test tubes for laboratory experiments and production packaging. However, like any manufacturing and trading company, Tubix has certain minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements in place to ensure efficient production and cost-effectiveness. In this blog, we will delve into the MOQ details for Tubix glass test tubes and explore the various options available to meet specific requirements.

MOQ for Newly Produced Glass Test Tubes:

For customers seeking to place an order for newly produced glass test tubes, Tubix sets the MOQ within a range of 5,000 to 10,000 pieces, depending on the specifications and sizes of the tubes. This range allows Tubix to optimize production and ensure economies of scale, which ultimately benefits both the company and its customers.

MOQ for Ready-to-Ship Products:

If you require a smaller quantity or have an urgent need for glass test tubes, Tubix offers a more flexible MOQ for ready-to-ship products. In such cases, where available stock is present, the MOQ is set at 1,000 pieces. This option enables customers to quickly fulfill their requirements without waiting for a full production run, saving time and resources.

Customized MOQ for Specific Requirements:

Tubix understands that different clients may have specific needs based on the nature of their experiments or research. To cater to such requirements, Tubix offers customizable MOQ options for various types of glass test tubes:

Round or Flat Bottom Glass Test Tubes:

Whether you require round-bottom or flat-bottom test tubes, Tubix can accommodate your needs by customizing the MOQ. This flexibility allows customers to order the specific type of tube that suits their experimental setup, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Rim or Rimless Glass Test Tubes:

The presence or absence of a rim on a glass test tube can be crucial depending on the intended use. Tubix recognizes this and provides the option to customize the MOQ based on whether you require rimmed or rimless test tubes. This attention to detail ensures that customers receive the precise equipment they need for their experiments.

Different Wall Thickness Glass Test Tubes:

The wall thickness of a glass test tube can impact its durability and thermal properties. Tubix acknowledges the diverse requirements of its customers and offers customized MOQ options based on different wall thicknesses. This flexibility allows clients to select test tubes that align with their specific experimental protocols.

Tubix is committed to providing high-quality glass test tubes that meet the varied needs of its customers. By understanding the MOQ requirements for Tubix products, you can plan your orders accordingly and ensure a smooth procurement process. Whether you require a large batch of newly produced tubes or a smaller quantity of ready-to-ship items, Tubix strives to accommodate your needs. The option to customize the MOQ for round or flat bottom, rim or rimless, and different wall thickness test tubes demonstrates Tubix's dedication to meeting specific requirements. Partnering with Tubix ensures that your laboratory or research facility is equipped with reliable and tailored glass test tubes for your scientific endeavors.

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