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Made from durable polyethylene terephthalate (PET), plastic test tubes offer a cost-effective alternative to glass with comparable performance. With clear and transparent walls, they ensure optimal visibility.

Food grade PET test tubes are lightweight, shatterproof, and resistant to breakage, making them ideal for various applications in research, storage and packaging. Meanwhile, Their screw caps provide secure sealing, safeguarding your valuable contents.

Plastic Test Tubes with Screw Caps

  •  To ensure the safe transportation of glass test tubes, we employ a robust packaging system comprising individual PE bubble bag, shrink wrap, foam boards, and cardboard boxes. This multi-layered approach provides excellent protection against potential damage during transit. Our test tubes are uniform bottoms, fire-polished rims, consistent lengths, and convenient packaged in shrink-wrapped inner box. The shrink wrap prevents any external elements or moisture from affecting the test tubes. The foam boards act as shock absorbers, minimizing the risk of breakage by evenly distributing the weight and preventing collisions between the tubes. Finally, the sturdy cardboard boxes offer an additional layer of security during handling and transportation. Individual PE bubble bag and custom partition carton are optional for additional protective packaging measures.

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